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Does that reduce foreign men to the role of boy-toy? The whole "silly" little things just wouldn't work with us. I still don't think anyone in their right mind would act like that way though. I'm not fake like that What is this But I did feel it in my heart.

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I don't do any of these things but I reckon I'm a good boyfriend, I'm not a domineering bully or a shy, mummy's boy like most Japanese guys. Obviously his results will be very biased in favor of a Western friendly places and areas. All of this had no real meaning to me at the time. Besides, after the first few years she told me "We've been married long enough so I'm no longer doing, this, this or this. Just because someone chooses to claim that the game is over does not mean that any of the other players weren't playing just as well or better. I would submit that the primary reason for this is complacency:

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