Warframe matchmaking takes forever

And who knows, maybe the ping was fine until you joined - maybe the host could handle 3, but not quite handle 4 players. A ping of means doors become your worst enemy. We were talking about standard gameplay. Sometimes it's not even related to ping at all, and is just straight up bugframe. Just put me into a new instance where I'm hosting if you can't find anyone with ms or lower I eventually gave up and switched to solo. I never noticed that, honestly.

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Reving people becomes a chor because you can't be sure if you're already reving or not.

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Been happening to me since U17 at least. Because they never show. I haven't been able to get into a game through matchmaking since this last patch dropped actually. TIL pointing out issues with matchmaking and describing the problems I'm having makes me a little bitch. There's unfortunately no fool-proof concept. I just want to prevent shit like this from happening, but it seems to be out of my control unless I play entirely antisocial, which I really only want to do for Capture spamming or Spy missions.

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warframe matchmaking takes forever
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warframe matchmaking takes forever
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